Tuesday, April 19, 2016

QUICKIE: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip

I recently did a haul on Instagram of a bunch of Colourpop products. I was fortunate enough to have Colourpop regram the picture! It then garnered a lot of requests to do swatches of the colours that I bought. So I have the swatches done, and thought I would take this opportunity to do a QUICKIE on my opinions on the product!

So here goes nothing!
The applicator (my favourite part about the product) - it makes it so easy to get a perfect line without a lipliner. This is not the case for any other liquid lipstick that I have ever used
Colour payoff - it is very pigmented and one swipe/dip into the bottle is really all you need to cover the entire lip area!
Colour range - the swatches below are the ones that I chose, but they have every colour under the sun in their range
Packaging - not too heavy, not too light, and it doesn't feel cheap at all
Easy to use - because of the applicator and the pigmentation, it takes less than a couple minutes to get a perfect application with this. (This isn't the case for me with other liquid lipsticks which, require a lip liner plus an extra 15 minutes to get a good application)

Pretty drying - not too the point that my lips feel like they're going to die, but it is drying compared to Dose of Colors or Stila
Not exactly build-able - if you try to reapply the colour too many times, it starts to crumble and get a bit flake-y and begins to ball up on the lips
Lasting power: I didn't mention this in either pro or con because I don't know which I would classify it as. I don't think this lasts as well as Stila liquid lipsticks, but I think it definitely lasts longer than Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks. I find that once I have it on, if I drink or just talk throughout the day, it will stay forever. BUT once I eat something - particularly oily foods, it comes off and and leaves a rim around the lips. It also leaves a stain on my lips (which to me is a good thing because then the rim doesn't just make me look crazy). So... ultimately I don't mind the lasting power but don't see it as a pro or a con.

From Left to Right:
Platform - Midi - Trap - Clueless - Beeper - Stingraye - Teeny tiny - Tulle - Bumble - Solow - Bad habit
Overall: I really love the applicator on this. I always reach for this because I know that I can get a perfect line very quickly. I love the colours so so so much and the pigmentation really is insane. However I do feel like it's a product that you have to carry around in your hand bag and something that needs to be re-applied. BUT if you want to re-apply for about the third or fourth time during the day, I suggest wiping it all off and starting again, because it does not layer very well. The formula is also a bit more drying than some other popular brands, but I don't mind it at all. I think that the dry-ness contributes to the lasting power and the pigmentation of the product so it doesn't bother me.

See here : http://mnh-beauty.blogspot.com/2016/02/quickie-colourpop-ultra-matte-lip.html

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